The Ready, Set, Soar Women’s Empowerment Brunch Tour was created by Tiea Whitaker, Founder & CEO of Shopaholic City & Fashion Life & Tea Media. Tiea wanted to provide a platform for women that would aid in expanding their personal and professional network. Forming a true sisterhood that eliminates barriers of race, religion or other beliefs, proving that women are more Powerful & Productive when working together.

Women have a Duty to be our sister’s keeper. Together we can spearhead change in our communities. Get Ready To SOAR!

The tour kicked off in Washington, DC. Women from all walks of life came together for growth, elevation and to RELEASE all negativity that was creating roadblocks to living their best lives. The event attendees connected with the panel of phenomenal speakers who shared their testimony and gave them strategies to push forward with their goals.

The day was filled with fun activities and fellowship and at the end, a lasting bond was formed that will benefit them in their personal and career endeavors.

After building a lasting sisterhood with Amazing women in Washington, DC, the tour stopped in Knoxville, TN. The atmosphere was welcoming and engaging. Women showed up to take part in the event that was creating so much buzz.

Vote Your City
We are building a Sisterhood that will eliminate all barriers and we want to connect with you. Cast your vote for the City & State the Tour should stop by. Complete the form adding the City/State of your choice. We can’t wait to see you soon!
We can’t wait to see you soon!
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